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Definitions starting with W

  • Water Pump

    The water pump assists with cooling the engine by pumping liquid from the cylinder head and engine to the radiator. Your water pump may need replacing if your car is leaking coolant or overheating.

  • Wheel Alignment

    Wheel alignment helps ensure the safety of your car and prolongs the life of your tyres. Wheels can be knocked out of alignment by hitting the curb or driving through potholes. When your wheels are out of alignment, your car can pull to one side and the tyres will wear unevenly. Wheel alignment is a service that adjusts each wheel so your car drives in a straight line.

  • Wheel Bearings

    Wheel bearings, attached to the wheel hub, help to minimise friction when the wheels are spinning. Over time, the seal breaks down, allowing moisture and debris to enter. This causes wheel noise and can lead to the bearings failing.

  • Wheel Cylinder

    The wheel cylinder assists with braking in a drum brake system. It provides pressure to the brake shoes, which clamp on the drum creating friction to slow or stop your vehicle. Small rods join the cylinder and brake shoes. Wheel cylinders can leak in older cars, lessening the effectiveness of the brakes. This can also lead to the contamination of the brake shoes.

  • Wheel Lug Bolt

    Wheel lug bolts attach the wheel hub or brake drum to the wheel.

  • Wheel Lug Nut

    A wheel lug nut attaches threaded wheel studs connected to your car’s axle to the wheel with a tapered nut.

  • Wheel Balance

    A wheel balance helps to maintain and prolong the life of your tyres. New tyres are balanced to ensure a vibration free ride. Older tyres need rebalancing after general wear or damage.

  • Wheelbase

    Wheelbase is the measurement between the front and back wheels of your car and it can affect aerodynamics and weight distribution. For this reason, wheelbase is particularly important to performance cars.

  • Windscreen Wiper Fluid

    Windscreen wiper fluid helps to keep your windscreen clean and is contained in a plastic reservoir under the bonnet. Windscreen wiper fluid can be squirted at your windscreen through jets, usually by pulling a lever near your steering wheel. You should have your windscreen wiper fluid checked regularly to keep your windscreen clean and ensure safety.


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