Become an expert on all things motoring! This dictionary of terms and phrases will help you understand exactly what things are, what gets done and why.

Definitions starting with S

  • Self-levelling Suspension Filter

    Self-levelling suspension helps your car maintain a consistent ride height when you’re carrying a heavy load. Most self-levelling suspension systems are run by hydraulics, so a filter is required to keep debris out of the hydraulic fluid.

  • Serpentine Belt

    The serpentine belt provides power to the air conditioning compressor, alternator, power steering pump, and water pump from the engine. It is important to get the serpentine belt checked regularly, as it drives so many of your car’s systems.

  • Service

    A service is regular maintenance for your car. It consists of changing oil, checking and topping up fluids, setting tyre pressure, and inspecting various components for wear and tear. Regular servicing prolongs the life of your car and ensures it is running safely and efficiently.

  • Service Reminder Light

    The service reminder light alerts you if your car’s computer has identified a problem or when your car’s engine is due to be serviced. When the service reminder light is on, you should take your car for a service as soon as possible.

  • Shift Linkage

    The shift linkage helps with changing gears and consists of cables or rods connecting the transmission to the gearshift or gear selector.

  • Shock Absorbers (Shocks)

    Shock absorbers help your car keep traction with the road and ensure your ride is as comfortable as possible. Shock absorbers use a hydraulic system that reduces sway or bounce when you are cornering or driving on uneven surfaces.

  • Spark Plug Wires

    To start your engine, Spark plug wires transfer thousands of volts of electricity to the spark plugs from the ignition or distributor, in order to start your engine.

  • Stability Control

    Stability control helps your car regain traction during a skid. It’s a system that senses when your wheels are losing traction, and applies anti-lock brakes to each wheel.

  • Steering

    Steering allows you to direct your car in the direction you want to go by controlling the direction of the wheels.

  • Steering Gearbox

    The steering gearbox helps you control the direction of your car by transmitting control from the steering wheel to the front wheels.

  • Steering Immediate Shaft

    The steering immediate shaft helps you steer your car by connecting your rack and pinion gearbox to your steering column.

  • Steering Wheel Adjustment

    The steering wheel adjustment ensures your comfort on long journeys by adjusting the height of the steering wheel.

  • Struts

    Through a spring-like design, struts help to keep your journeys comfortable by absorbing shock from uneven terrain. They also provide load-bearing support. Struts are joined to the chassis.

  • Supercharger

    A supercharger increases engine power by boosting the pressure of the air provided to the engine. This increased air allows more fuel to be burned, which increases the power. The supercharger is called a turbo-supercharger (turbo) if it’s powered by a turbine from the exhaust.

  • Suspension

    The suspension of your car helps to keep your journeys comfortable, while still providing maximum traction between the road and your tyres. Suspension allows your wheels to hold the road while providing a smoother ride for the body and frame.


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