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Definitions starting with V

  • V-Belt

    The V-Belt drives the air conditioning compressor, alternator, power steering pump, and water pump. The V-belt is a rubber belt with a v-shaped cross section, and it wears out over time and needs replacing. You should get your V-belt changed immediately if you find it has cracks or peeling rubber.

  • Valves

    There are a number of valves that help maintain the operation and efficiency of your car’s engine. Fuel-air mix is allowed into the combustion chamber by the intake valve, and the burnt fuel-air mix is released into the exhaust system by the exhaust valve release. Replacing these valves can be quite a difficult process, because the cylinder head must be detached and taken apart.

  • Variable Gear Ratio Steering Assembly

    Variable Gear Ratio Steering Assembly

  • Ventilated Rotor

    A ventilator rotor helps to reduce heat in the braking system of your car, prolonging the life of your brake pads. Rotors can become very hot from friction with the brake pads, which can cause your brakes to wear out more quickly. Ventilated rotors are more expensive than regular rotors.


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