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Definitions starting with U

  • U-Bolt

    U-bolts are used to fasten the springs to the axles of your car. U-bolts are also used to hold truck bodies to their frames. U-bolts can become loose with every day wear and tear and need to be tightened.

  • U-Joint

    The U-joint is a joint shaped like a U that connects the shafts of the driveshaft together. Some U-Joints have a fitting that allow you to grease them.

  • Underbody

    The underbody refers to the bottom of your car. It suffers wear from rocks and road debris, and should be checked regularly for any damage or corrosion. When your car is being serviced, mechanics put it on a hoist to examine the underbody. They also access components that are only available through the underbody.

  • Under-inflation

    Tyre under-inflation can seriously affect the performance and fuel efficiency of your car. Under-inflation causes your tyres to lose shape under the pressure of the road. This increases the surface area of the tyre from the amount it is designed for, which wears your tyre significantly faster.

  • Understeer

    Understeer refers to your car turning less than you intend when cornering. Understeer can be dangerous as it can cause you to veer off the road.


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