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Definitions starting with M

  • Manifold

    The intake manifold distributes the fuel-air mixture to the cylinders and the exhaust manifold transfers exhaust out the rear of your car. Cracking and faulty gaskets through every day wear and tear can damage manifolds.

  • Manifold Heat Control Valve

    The manifold heat control valve helps the car idle smoothly and prevents stalling in cold weather. It ensures the petrol doesn’t condense back into liquid form by forcing hot exhaust gases up to the intake manifold and carburettor to warm the air-fuel mixture.

  • Manual Transmission

    A manual transmission allows the driver to change the gears by pressing a clutch pedal. It can have better petrol efficiency and extra power on takeoff, but is less easy to drive in heavy traffic or city settings.

  • Manual Transmission Fluid

    Manual Transmission fluid helps lubricate various components like gears and bearings. Manual Transmission fluid is a specialised, heavy-weight oil designed to help manual transmissions operate smoothly.

  • Master Cylinder

    The master cylinder helps you to apply the brakes using hydraulic pressure which pushes the brake pads against the rotors, creating the friction that slows down or stops your car. Hydraulic fluid leaks in the cylinder can create problems for your braking system.

  • Motor Oil

    Motor oil reduces friction in the engine by lubricating all of the moving parts and helps cool the engine by transferring heat away from moving parts. Engine oil also prevents corrosion and cleans the engine. Motor oil should be changed regularly to keep your engine operating safely and efficiently.

  • Mounting Tyres

    Mounting tyres involves fixing them to the rims and attaching them to the axles of your car. The wheels are then balanced to make sure that the tyre is free of vibration and will wear evenly.

  • Muffler

    The muffler limits the amount of noise made by your car’s exhaust. Mufflers are located beneath your car and can often be damaged by rust or debris on the road.

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