Become an expert on all things motoring! This dictionary of terms and phrases will help you understand exactly what things are, what gets done and why.

Definitions starting with G

  • Gasket

    A gasket seals two mechanisms together. One of the most important gaskets in the engine is the head gasket, which seals the combustion chamber so oil,coolant and compression do not mix. Coolant leaks, overheating, residue on your oil dipstick, and white smoke exhaust are all symptoms of a blown head gasket.

  • Gasoline

    See Petrol

  • Gear Oil

    Gear oil lubricates the gears of your car to minimise friction and keep your car running as efficiently as possible.

  • Generator

    Generators were used in early cars to power the battery, but have since been replaced by alternators to keep the battery power from draining continuously.

  • Glazing

    Glazing occurs when a belt is slipping. This can be caused by a loose belt or bad tensioner. If the problem is not dealt with it can wear out the belt prematurely.


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