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Radiator & engine cooling

Radiator & engine cooling – dealing to the heat

A combustion engine (that’s your car) creates a lot of heat. The radiator has to get rid of that heat or it could do a lot of damage like warped cylinders, blown head gaskets. This is expensive to repair. Regular inspection of the cooling system can stop issues before they leave you stranded.day.


Cooling system flush, inspection and pressure testing
Thermostat replacement
Radiator repair and replacement
Water pump replacement
TK head testing
Cylinder head gasket replacement
Radiator and heater hose replacement
Radiator fan and viscous coupling replacement

Radiator & engine cooling  dealing to the heat

Frequently asked questions

Q: When should I flush my cooling system?

A: Check your vehicle’s service schedule. At Midas we do a simple test of the coolant, to see if it needs to be flushed.

Q: Something smells sweet in my car and windscreen is fogging up. What’s wrong?

A: The heater core may be leaking, and you can smell the coolant. Have it checked soon – it’s not harmful, but you do need to see out to drive. Bring your car into Midas for an inspection and quote to get it sorted.

Q: My temperature gauge isn’t sitting in the normal range. What’s wrong?

A: If your gauge is reading low, you may have a thermostat or fan issue that keeps the engine from warming up. If it’s higher than normal, one or more of your cooling system components are out of action. Bring your car into Midas to get it checked soon. We’ll give you a quote to get it resolved before you’re let on the side of the road

Q: How do I know if my coolant needs topping up?

A: Your coolant bottle is under the bonnet (check your manual for the exact spot). It will have a ‘fill’ line, and you can see at once if you need more coolant. Many newer cars have a coolant level warning light on the dashboard.