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Engine – for fuel efficiency and smooth running

Your car engine has a lot of components – belts, spark plugs, gaskets and more – that work together to get you where you want to go. They all need to be functioning properly to keep the engine running smoothly. Regular inspections can spot danger and wear before they stop your car in the middle of nowhere. But even if your minor issue turns major, Midas can handle it.


Belts and hoses
Spark plugs
Air filters
Oil change
Cam belt replacement
Gasket replacement
Head gasket repair
Oil leaks
Engine repair and replacement
Fuel injection diagnostics, service and repair

Engine – for fuel efficiency and smooth running

Frequently asked questions

Q: My car squeals but stops when I start driving. Should I worry?

A: A squeal means the belt is slipping, and that quickly wears down the belt rubber. It could be loose, or a belt tensioner isn’t doing its job. Bring your car into Midas for an inspection and quote.

Q: How often do cam belts need replacing?

A: A cam belt usually lasts about 100,000km. It’s made of rubber, and can weaken with use and age. If it fails, you may face extensive and expensive engine damage, so having an older belt replaced is a good idea.

Q: Do I really need spark plugs made from platinum?

A: They may cost more, but they perform better and last 2-4 times longer than standard sparkplugs. That’s why a lot of car manufacturers are switching to platinum. If your car had them originally, we recommend you continue with them to maintain your engine performance.

Q: My car leaks oil and my driveway’s a mess. Where’s it coming from?

A: Your engine has several gaskets that keep oil in and contaminants out, and any one could be leaking. Some leaks are easy to find, but sometimes we need to add a dye to find the source.