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Driveline & Transmission

Drivelines, transmissions, CV joints – leave it to us.

At Midas we understand that you just want your car to work, so you get where you need to go. That’s why we take care of the tricky, complicated stuff like transmission and drivelines.

Clunking when you turn corners

Hear that noise? It could be your CV joint - and the culprit is probably a torn CV boot. These rubber boots keep the CV joints well lubricated, clean and dry. Even with all the stress of driving, CV joints will last a long time if the boots are intact.

It’s a lot cheaper and easier to replace cracked boots than CV joints, so give your local Midas a call today.

Keep those gears changing

Don’t wait until a worn out clutch puts you in a ditch. Common indications you may have a problem are soft or squishy clutch pedal, difficulty changing gears and a clutch that slips.

Talk to your local Midas or book now for a thorough inspection.

Automatic or manual, we’ll take care of it

Your car’s transmission is a highly technical part of the drivetrain system. If it’s not operating properly it might give out a burning smell. You could lose power, burn excess fuel or hear clunking or humming when you’re driving.

Your ‘check engine’ or  'transmission light" light may give you advance warning of serious problems, so don’t wait. Call Midas today for those transmission repairs.

Drivelines, transmissions, CV joints – leave it to us.