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Batteries and electrical

Battery – your car’s heart

The battery and electrical system are the heart of your car. The battery starts your engine and powers lights, wipers, windows and other accessories. If you can’t start your car, it could be your battery, your starter or your charging system.

A battery needs a charge from the alternator, and good connections to your car’s electrical system. Your local Midas can test your car’s battery and charging system for any issues so you can be sure your car will start every time.


Battery testing and replacement
Terminal servicing
Alternator testing and replacement
Starter replacement

Battery  your car's heart

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long does a battery last?

A: A car battery lasts 3-5 years. Come into your local Midas for a battery test to be sure. That way you’ll know how much life is left and how soon you need a new battery.

Q: My car won’t start, but it’s not the battery. What’s wrong?

A: When you turn the ignition key, you should hear the starter motor. If you don’t hear it, you could have a problem with the starter, cables or ignition. If you do hear it and your car still doesn’t start, give your local Midas a call.

Q: My car seems fine, so why did the battery light come on?

A: There may be a problem with your alternator. Call your local Midas – wecan do an inspection, tell you what the issue is and give you an estimate.

Q: If my car needs a jump, does that mean I need a new battery?

A: It might, or may be that your alternator isn’t charging the battery or you have a loose connection. If your car needs jump starting a second time, call your local Midas – they can do an inspection, tell you what the issue is and give you an estimate.