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Welcome to peace of mind motoring

Purpose built for those who appreciate trouble free motoring.

The Midas Peace of Mind Motoring approach.

It's our belief that most car owners would prefer a smooth experience, without the occasional break down or major repair expense. The best way we know of to achieve this is with regular servicing and maintenance to your car. It helps to extend the life of individual parts and highlights small issues before they turn into major ones and, it’ll help to keep you and your loved ones safe on our roads.

Our peace of mind approach to motoring is a proactive one. We want to help you spend a little on servicing, so you can save a lot in major repairs. So if you like the idea of reducing the surprise costs of your car, scroll a little further and see how our Peace of Mind Inspection (available in most of our service packages) is designed to deliver exactly that.

The Midas 33-point Peace of Mind Inspection.

The Midas Peace of Mind Inspection is a comprehensive visual inspection for your car. Your Midas technician will spend some quality time with your car, casting a critical eye from bonnet to boot. After the inspection is complete any findings will be prioritised in order of importance and a customer advisor will review the results with you.

Why our peace of mind inspection matters!

In order to keep your car running reliably and its occupants’ safe you need to know if there are any issues lurking and more importantly that all the critical safety components are working well. But it’s not just about spotting issues. A key component of reviewing your car closely is to identify small items that might be able to be resolved easily before they become a bigger problem. We can also identify areas that a fine right now, but might need some attention in a few months’ time – which gives you plenty of time to prepare before having to pay for it. Most of all, with our Peace of Mind inspection, you’re assured that your vehicle is a good, reliable condition and safe to drive.

Here is what the Peace of Mind Inspection includes.


  • Road test up to 50km/hr
  • Check exterior lights and headlamps
  • Check for dashboard warning lamps
  • Check WOF due date
  • Check horn operation
  • Check wiper and windscreen washer operation
  • Check wiper blade condition

Under bonnet:

  • Check all under bonnet fluids
  • Check air filter
  • Check cabin air filter (if directly accessible)
  • Check spark plug condition (if directly accessible)
  • Check tension and condition of accessory belts
  • Check for cambelt due date (if equipped)
  • Check cooling system (radiator, hoses and radiator cap)
  • Check external fuel filter
  • Test battery and check terminals

Under vehicle:

  • Check steering components
  • Check suspension components
  • Check exhaust system
  • Check CV boots
  • Check wheel bearings (for excessive noise or play)
  • Check for fluid leaks
  • Check engine and transmission mounts

Brakes and tyres:

  • Check brake linings (wheels-off inspection)
  • Check brake hydraulic components (callipers, wheel cylinder and hoses)
  • Check park brake operation
  • Check tread depth and condition of tyres

Fluids checked as part of your service:

  • Check brake fluid and top-up if required
  • Check clutch fluid and top-up if required/equipped
  • Check engine antifreeze and top-up if required
  • Check automatic transmission fluid top-up if required/equipped
  • Check power steering fluid and top-up if required/equipped
  • Top-up windscreen washer fluid