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The Midas Guarantee

What we guarantee

As you would expect from Midas we guarantee all workmanship and new parts that we supply and fit. So should any new part supplied by Midas be found to be defective or incorrectly fitted during the guarantee period Midas will rectify or replace the part at no charge. This guarantee is supported by all our stores throughout New Zealand and is in addition to our General Terms and Conditions which can be found at Where there is a discrepancy between our General Terms and Conditions and this Midas Guarantee, the Midas Guarantee will apply.

Warranty Period

The Midas Guarantees for vehicle services and repairs apply for different time periods and kilometres travelled depending on the item. Our Midas Guarantee periods for the different categories of services and repairs are set out below. The guarantee applies for either the time period or the distance travelled, whichever occurs first.

Vehicle maintenance services (oil changes & fluid flushes): 6 months or 10,000km

Vehicle repairs (including but not limited to brakes, suspension, exhaust, engine): 12 months or 20,000km

If an alternative guarantee is stated on your invoice it shall override the standard Midas guarantee.

Please note there are conditions to the Midas Guarantee:

Your vehicle and parts must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation which may be made available to you on request. This includes but is not limited to ensuring the use of recommended fuels, fluids and parts.

Your vehicle must not be misused, neglected or used in competitions or racing events.

If an issue is evident you must notify us of the defect and bring the vehicle in for repair as soon as you are aware of it.

Your account for the guaranteed work must have been paid for in full.

You must obtain our consent to carry out subsequent repairs by another party if they are in relation to the original repairs performed by us.

There are also certain exceptions to the Midas Guarantee. It will not cover:

Service & maintenance items which may include (lubricants, fluids, wipers, brake linings, blubs etc.) unless a manufacturing defect is apparent.

Normal wear and tear of items such as but not limited to brake linings, clutches, tyres etc, unless a manufacturing defect is apparent.

Customer supplied parts

If the vehicle has been modified after the repair has been completed.

Losses and recovery of expenses for loss of use, damage to property and person

Vehicle or parts accessories not part of your vehicle at the time of service/part installation by us.

Damaged caused by accident, fire, flood, etc.

Other limitations of the Midas Guarantee:

Where the customer has requested a temporary repair a limitation may be placed on the guarantee. These will be advised at the time the repair is carried out.

Second hand parts may have no guarantee or limited guarantee as set out by the parts supplier. These will be advised at the time the repair is carried out. The cost of labour to repair or replace the used part will not be covered.

The guarantee does not extend to any subsequent owners of the vehicle during the guarantee period.

What to do if you have a problem

In the unfortunate event that you need to use the Midas Guarantee here is what you need to do:

Contact the Midas shop which did the original work

If this location is no longer convenient, contact your nearest Midas shop or call 0800 2 MIDAS

Arrange a convenient time for the vehicle to be inspected and bring your original invoice to the location which is to carry out the work

Midas will not pay under the guarantee for work performed elsewhere, unless it has been expressly authorised in advance by Midas